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Aland Islands Flag

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Flag of Aland Islands

Flag of Aland Islands

Aland Flag resembles, and it has been copied from Swedish flag by a red cross representing Finland. Finland is Finnish; it is a historiographical term which refers Sweden. Aland Islands are autonomous province of Finnish. On 3rd of April 1954, the constitution of Aland Islands hoisted and adopted the comprised of blue field with a red-cross stripe on yellow color horizontal and vertical band. However, flag of Aland Islands was initially expected to be opposite to Sweden’s flag, which would have been a yellow field and a blue cross. But, it was later prohibited.

History of Aland Islands Flag

Like several other Nordic States, the flag of the Aland Islands is subjugated by the Nordic Cross. The flag mostly resembles the flag of Sweden however with a red cross defacing the yellow cross. The Swedish cross look like the island's ancient relationship with Sweden while the red-cross signifies its connotation with Finland. After Finland became sovereign from Russia in 1917, several inhabitants on the island dreaded that they would lose their Swedish nation and language. They mobilized to unite with Sweden. Sweden, Russia, and Finland all appealed the island before the League of Nations professed it a Finnish territory that would be independent. In 1950 a design approaching the flag of Sweden however with a blue cross within the yellow cross was obtainable to the Finnish president; however he rejected the suggestion since it was too alike to the Swedish flag. Other replacements comprised a Finnish flag with a yellow flag surrounded by the blue cross.

Aland Islands Flag Meaning and Design

While some flags were designed in between 1922 and 1954, the blue and yellow colors appeared as a preferred among all the flags. The two colors were related with the Swedish flag and the coat of arms. Initially, the red color was contentious and not attractive to the persons of Finland, however the government stated that the color had been approved form the Finish coat of arms.

Aland Islands Country Information, Currency, Codes, Time Zone

Aland Islands has only one land border sharing with Sweden. The population of the Aland Islands is 29489. The population density is 18,3 persons per sq km. The Islands country is an autonomous region of Finland, which is republic of Finland. The official language of Aland Islands is Swedish and the currency is Euro. Aland Islands comprises of two letters Aland Islands code i.e. AX and its three letters Aland Islands code is AXF and in digits it is 358. The calling code is +358 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Aland Islands is UTC +2 hours.

Aland Islands Country Information

Country Albania
Continent Europe
Official languages Swedish
Capital Mariehamn
Currency Euro

Aland Islands Time Zones

CET UTC+03:00
CEST UTC+04:00

Aland Islands Codes

Internet TLD AX
Three-letter country code ALA
Three-digit country code 248
Calling code +358

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